a visit to The Latrun tank museum

So, here in Israel we have a tank museum that is unique because of its arsenal and very fun place to be.

The museum is also a memorial site, for the great tankers who lost their life during the endless wars and conflicts of the state of Israel.

One of them was my father’s best friends. He fought in Lebanon in 2006, when their tank stopped in front of a mine to lay a bridge over it, and got destroyed by a suicide bomber.

The museum features tanks that you will not see in any other museum, such as the famous Merkava mark 4, or the way I call it – The beast of the middle east:


The merkava mk 4 is one of the most (if not is) heavily armored vehicles in the world.

“Ok ok so a Merkava mk 4, its a beast and all, but where are the mk 3 and 2?”   Good question. Unfortunately, my camera is TERRIBLE. So, no pictures of a lot of the tanks from there.

Well, while we were having fun sitting with the Merkava’s 120mm gun between our legs we realised that there are a lots of other interesting tanks there. Such as, this thing. I have no idea what is that, all I know is that its British.


And now for tanks that I know what they are. Here is a Charioteer, captured from Jordan by Israel I forces and now here, and an M41 walker bulldog behind it


And how can we forget, the famous Sherman on the tower:


And not to forget, the Israeli T-62 and T-55, the “Tiran”


And here are more tanks… such as the Israeli M51 “Super Sherman” and the M50 Sherman images-70

Of course, Israel captured a lots of Egypt vehicles, such as the PT-76, Amphibious APC, and the T-100, a tank destroyer version based on the T-34 with a 100mm gun.

Oh and how can we forget the ISU-152 wit the 152mm made by the hand of Stalin howitzer.


A little Cromwell to make ISU-152’s afraid to get hit from the sides


Oh and here is the mighty mighty AMX 13 75 if I’m not mistaking


And of course, there were at least a 100 vehicles that are not here Because my camera is as reliable as a French counter attack. There were Chieftains, IS3’s, Merkava’s, Stugs, Pantzers, and many more. Even an M3 Lee. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this, i had fun there, and I hope to visit there again soon, with Better camera.

From, Roy Shein.